Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jul 4 20:12:45 CEST 2003

Hannu Kankaanpää wrote:
> "Guyon Morée" <gumuz at> wrote in message news:<3f054d9a$0$13803$4d4ebb8e at>...
> > I like the initiative for a messageboard for Python, but I think it would be
> > similar to this newsgroup.... and I am quite happy with  it so I don't
> > really see a use for it imho
> Message boards are more user friendly, better organized (big plus) and more
> interactive. At least when I post here from Google Groups, it takes
> 3-6 hours for the message to arrive :P. Many questions thus are answered
> 5 times by different people. But I don't know if the messages would arrive
> quicker if I used a mail program for posting.

Google Groups likely takes its feed directly of a Usenet site, and Usenet
in general suffers from large propagation delay.  It is that delay, caused
by messages filtering slowly across the Usenet network, which leads to the
"5 answers" problem, not Google Groups itself.

The mailing list should be effectively instantaneous in comparison.


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