zip() or what?

Ray Tomes rtomes at
Thu Jul 3 06:23:04 CEST 2003

Hi all

Many thanks to those that answered my questions about whitespace and ord() 
being reverse of chr(). As well as the 2 things I asked about I learned 
about 5 other useful things.

This I am trying to flip an array around so that the "subscripts" happen 
in the opposite order and reading the docs I thought that zip() did this. 
So I tried it like this:

print zip(x)

and what I got was (removing the .0000000001s):

[([0.1, 0.2],), ([1.1, 1.2],), ([2.1, 2.2],)]

which is just my original array with an extra useless level in it.
What I really wanted was this:


So my question is how do I do that easily?
And what on earth is zip() doing?

Alternatively, is there a construct to get x[*][i] if you know what I mean?

Have fun


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