path module

holger krekel pyth at
Sat Jul 26 10:10:14 CEST 2003

Hello Ian,

Ian Bicking wrote:
> ...
> I feel like a common interface for these different filesystems should
> somehow degrade well in terms of metadata, or expedite introspection in
> some fashion.

I wouldn't try to play too many tricks with meta-data.  
> The differences on the client side are probably easier to handle, as
> they can be handled by the constructor, which might look different for
> different filesystems.  Like url('http://whatever', user='bob',
> password='secret', proxy='http://myproxy'), or
> cvs(pserver='', repository='python').  Or should
> there be a string-based representation (i.e., URIs)?

String-based representations are often not specified. e.g.
subversion/webdav/deltax don't define a URL format to get 
to a certain revision.  The other approach (keyword-args) is
a more generic and better way IMO. 


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