ReportLab 1.18 Released

Robin Becker robin at
Wed Jul 9 15:51:26 CEST 2003

Version 1.18 of the ReportLab Toolkit has been released.
This release will be the last to attempt to keep compatibility with
Python 1.52 - 2.1. We will allow 2.2 specific features into the code in
There will be a branch called ReportLab_1_18_PRE22. So that enthusiasts
can maintain it if required.

Main changes since ReportLab 1.18:
- Bug & leak fixes.
- improvements to pyRXP which can now be used in 16bit mode.
- Tables now can have row and column spanning.
- renderPM can now do PICT images.
- More charts and improvements to existing graphics classes.
- Valuable contributions from Ian Sparks, Karl Putland, Igor Stroh,
  Dirk Holtwick, David Fraser, Sidnei da Silva, Henning von Bargen,
  Christoph Zwerschke, Stuart Bishop, Stephen Diehl, Ury Marshak,
  Dirk Datzert, Max Neunhöffer & others.
Robin Becker

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