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David Bolen db3l at
Thu Jul 10 00:00:53 CEST 2003

Kim Petersen <kp at> writes:

> I'm not arguing that thats not important - *but* paying 70$
> pr. customer, is the equivalent of paying you for 1hr of support for
> each customer [not installation mind you], where our own
> licence/supportcost is already getting lower and lower... I find that
> _extremely_ steep - i could and would accept such a cost for the
> python platform (no trouble!) [except in the few (from our view) cases
> where the user just needs a small tool.

Except that if you're going to resell a product, presumably you'd go
for the per-developer fee ($1250).  It'll beat the per-CPU license at
about 18 customers (assuming one CPU per customer), and just continue
shrinking on a per-customer basis after that.  In effect, the
per-developer license is a one time, royalty free, license, the
marginal unit cost of which disappears over time.  As with anything,
the actual price is up to the owner to set, but on our part, we've
found the economics reasonable for the functionality supplied within
our commercial endeavors.

Is it the only way to go for database access with Python - certainly
not.  But for us (Windows platform with ODBC sources) its worth it for
the effort Marc-Andre has put in to best support ODBC in that

Just another data point for what it's worth.

-- David

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