ANN: Python on ecademy

Neil Smith nsmith at
Mon Jul 28 16:06:32 CEST 2003

For those interested in promoting Python's use in the commercial world:

I've been using Python in my businesses for nearly 10 years. Recently I 
also came across ecademy, an online business networking tool (in the 
human network rather than electronic network sense). ecademy is gaining 
traction and helping people realise business opportunities. With a view 
to using the network potential of ecademy for the greater promotion of 
Python in Business I have created a 'club' within ecademy.

If you have an interest in the use and promotion of Python in business 
then I invite you to join ecademy and join the club (there is no 
charge). The aim is to raise awareness of opportunities and then network 
to find the catalyst that can turn an idea into reality. I envisage that 
the club and its members will be working together to influence the 
decision makers that also form part of the ecademy business network.

This will be very much the guerilla marketing that complements the 
formal work carried out by the Python Business Forum and other 
like-minded organisations.

If you feel you can contribute, or benefit from this effort, please use 
this link to join ecademy:

The 'Python for Business' club can then be accessed through:

Be aware that ecademy is not a mailing list, it is a mechanism for 
actively e-meeting business people to make things happen.

Neil Smith

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