A story about Python... sort of

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Thu Jul 3 16:18:10 CEST 2003

Max Khesin wrote:
> import flame.*
> import sorry.*
> Ok, with all my respect to python, the stuff about C++ is a bunch of hooey.
> Compilation time is the problem? Give me a break.
> 1) separate compilation?
> 2) precompiled headers?
> 3) tools that allow cluster compilation?
> 4) ever read 'large-scale c++ development' by Lacos? a must for large c++
> project. letter-envelope idiom to help compilation...etc.

Sounds to me that if they've come up with so many and such a wide
range of optimizations to improve compilation time, then it clearly *is* 
a problem...

> Anyway, if you are coding so fast that compilation time becomes a serious
> problem you are either
> a) the smartest and fastest programmer on earth
> b) are not thinking enough

c) doing test-driven development

I admit to not having done any C++ code for several years, certainly not
since adopting TDD, but I would guess for a sizable project the compilation
and link times could become a major annoyance


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