How to do raw Ethernet under Win32?

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> How does one do raw Ethernet under Win32?  Ultimately, I want
> to do it in a Python program, but if somebody can point me to a
> clue on how to do it from C, I could probably figure out the
> rest.
> I want to:
>  1) Send an arbitrary Ethernet packet.  [Well, not completely
>     arbitrary, the source MAC will be "right", but the protocol
>     number is a proprietary (not IP) one, and the packet isn't
>     anything standard.
>  2) Receive any incoming packets with a specified protocl
>     number -- same proto number as in 1) above.
> I've got a program that works under Linux, and I'd like to be
> able to port it to Win32...

the new winsock2.h supports more socket types:
 * Types
#define SOCK_STREAM     1               /* stream socket */
#define SOCK_DGRAM      2               /* datagram socket */
#define SOCK_RAW        3               /* raw-protocol interface */
#define SOCK_RDM        4               /* reliably-delivered message */
#define SOCK_SEQPACKET  5               /* sequenced packet stream */

so you have only to define 3 as type in the socket() call

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