does lack of type declarations make Python unsafe?

Anton Vredegoor anton at
Tue Jul 1 18:38:11 CEST 2003

kamikaze at (Mark 'Kamikaze' Hughes) wrote:

>  Stop.  <snip>

Probably too soon for the complete reversal technique. FYI I was
trying to use your post as an example of the defensive psychological
techniques people (not just you, me too, and probably a lot of the
readers here) use when facing ambiguity. Introducing new language
features or trying to do unfamiliar things -f.e. from other languages-
with the language one is accustomed to produces exactly the kind of
feelings of unsafety -and alas, the defensive postures and abuse- that
this thread is about. I thank you anyway for serving as an example for
this, stay here and maybe you'll reverse someday, be it more slowly,
though we'll probably never marry :-|


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