Business model for Open Source - advice wanted

Keith Bostic bostic at
Mon Jul 14 19:58:28 CEST 2003

Terence Way <terry at> wrote in message news:<bejvsd$3mh$1 at slb4.atl.>...
> Two companies that make money spring to mind:
> 1. sleepycat software (they support Berkeley DB); and
> 2. the MySQL folks (they support, um, MySQL)
> They have different licenses, MySQL being dual licensed:
> GPL and proprietary, while sleepycat is custom and
> OSI-compatible.

A minor clarification -- Sleepycat Software also does dual 
licensing.  The public Berkeley DB releases have a BSD-style,     
OSI-compatible license, but we also release under a pretty
standard, proprietary license.
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