I am so impressed

Hannu Kankaanpää hanzspam at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jul 26 11:58:18 CEST 2003

"Guyon Morée" <gumuz*NOSP at M*looze.net> wrote in message news:<3f207dcc$0$137$1b62eedf at news.wanadoo.nl>...
> I've been looking for a nice python editor for a while. I was using a great
> general purpose editor called EditPlus. It did the job pretty good....
> I've now downloaded Eclipse with the TruStudio plug-ins from www.xored.com
> and it's great!
> i had to share that with you

Thanks for sharing, it's a nice editor. I've got few complaints though,
do you know how to fix these:

- I can't comment / uncomment multiple lines
- I have to press backspace 4 times to erase one level of indentation.
  In IDLE I could do it with one backspace press.

Those two are pretty constant annoyances. Otherwise I'd love to use it.

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