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> Hi all, I have hit a serious snag ...
> please any help or examples as I have now been on this for 2 days without
> any luck. I have looked at asyncore and asynchat, problem is once the server
> socket input is completed then their will be an area that is CPU bound where
> it will need to call the model, database etc and produce the html request,
> this means that control will only be handed back to IO operations when this
> is finished, effectively blocking all other requests  ....

Well, I can recommend Twisted. Twisted uses a producer/consumer model
to send large file, which is fairly transparent [there is a good
cut'n'pastable example of usage of this in twisted.web.static.File].
This should be enough to handle the network part. You claim there
is a CPU-bound operation after that -- if this is really true [and
in my experience, in many of the cases the operation are short enough
that it is not required] -- you can use Twisted's deferToThread to
treat those operations as though they were completely asynchronous.
This uses Twisted's internal threadpool support.

More information:
[Disclaimer: I am part of the Twisted developement team]
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