A framework for recording, editing, and executing macros in Python?

Jason Whitlark jwhitlark at attbi.com
Tue Jul 15 03:01:55 CEST 2003

One of the benefits of python always thrown about is how easy it is to
use as a macro language.  While this certainly has wide applicably, I
have always been interested in a little more; namely, the ability to
record and then edit macros, as in MS Word, Excel, etc.  A recent post
convinced me that this was possible, so I spend a few hours this
weekend and hacked up a basic system as a proof of concept.

While I was doing this, I found nothing on the net about the
particulars of what I was trying to do.  While it hasn't been too
hard, I feel that there should be a document of the general techniques
possible, what design decisions affect this, (eg. Command pattern,
events, and direct calls to an underlying class.), and other relevant
points.  While I would be willing to write this, I feel that I do not
know enough about what other people might need from this.

My request is that you post your thoughts on the subject, different
ways to do it, what might be useful in such a framework, whether this
is worth making a full project like py, formerly pycrust, or if it
should just be posted on the cookbook sites, etc.

Please let me know what you think; I have this code and ideas and do
not know what do with them!

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