Business model for Open Source - advice wanted

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jul 11 12:54:53 CEST 2003

Frank Millman wrote:
> Thanks to all for the replies. Much good advice and food for thought.
> It seems that this is an idea worth pursuing. 
> I will now keep a low profile for a few more months to get the software 

Ouch!  You clearly haven't adopted "agile" methods such as Extreme
Programming yet.  "Keeping a low profile until the software is stable"
is a good, nutshell description of why most software projects FAIL.

Please, for your own good, at least investigate these things and
consider how you might apply them or adapt them to your own needs.

See and
for a start.

> to a stable state, and then hopefully you will hear from me again.

I'll be more confident that we will if you actually don't keep a low
profile. ;-)


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