Stopping a loop with user input in curses

Alex bogus at
Mon Jul 21 06:36:22 CEST 2003

Hello Ray,

Nope. That didn't do it. I got a properly drawn curses box
with nothing inside ... until I hit the 'q' key. Then the clock 
popped up and the program quit.

I have a theory on curses. I could be totally wrong here (and it
would be great if I was, actually).

Curses cannot multi-task.

It can't redraw a clock every second and check for a particular
keystroke at the same time -- there is only one cursor after all.

So I guess I'll forgoe the funky clock in my curses app. However,
if you can completely flush this theory down the toilet, it would
be greatly appreciated... :) It would make my life easier in other
aspects of the program I'm trying to write.



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