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>I was reading here:*&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&group=comp.lang.python.*&
>that a game The Temple Of Elemental Evil is going to be using python
>as its scripting language. It says that on the FAQ which you can read
>about here
>Q. What language are you writing the gamecode in?
>A. (S.M. 2/6) The renderer is written in C, the animation player is in
>C++, the game logic and user interface is also written in C, and most
>of the scripting is done in Python (thanks Guido).
I'm wondering what "the scripting" does in the above. I.e., who writes the scripts,
and what aspect of the games do they implement? When are they executed, and by what?

(Apologies, too lazy/tired right now to pursue it via the links on this page ;-)

>Anyway, this game also has a forum at
> and
>also one that you have to pay for at
> with more info about the

Bengt Richter

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