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Thu Jul 10 01:01:02 CEST 2003

On Wednesday 09 Jul 2003 3:09 pm, Matt5883 at wrote:
Let me just see... ahhhem.  Wait, no, sorry I just *can't* remember your IP 
address (or in fact if you've even got one) so I can't look at your 
hard-drive! ;-))

Seriously though, you need to rephrase your question a bit... but I'll give it 
a go anyway...

> What is python 2.1.1?
1) Python is a (rather good) programming language.  It can be used to write 
applications; any applications written in it also require the python system 
to be installed (or otherwise present) on your system.

>How did it get on my computer?
2) It got on your computer because it was installed by someone - prabably as 
part of an application you installed.

>Is it a necessary program?
3) Only if one of your cherished applications uses it ;-p

> Can I safely delete it/remove it?
4) You can safely remove it if you don't want the application that needs it. 

> If so how? 
5) Just rename the directory where you found it, and then test all the 
applications you want to keep.  If one of them falls over in a heap, you'll 
know that Python was part of it ;-) and you can then rename it back to the 
original name.  If nothing breaks, you can then safely delete it! (I'd wait a 
while, though).

> I do not recall  downloading it.
7) Can't help you with that one. :-(

>Does it come bundled with some other program? Maybe one of
> my kids did it.  
8) Maybe, maybe; maybe not...

>I do not see enough information on your site to make these
> determinations. 
9) I think you probably mean that there's way too much information on the 
site, and you think it'd take you an absolute age to figure out how to make 
these 'determinations' :-)

>I have a Compaq 5184 with OEM Win 98 installed...I do not
> ever recall seeing "python" in the programs. 
10) That's (almost) irrelevant, but Python is not part of Windows (98 or any 

>I have been having alot of problems with my computer lately and I am removing 
unecessary "junk"
11) You'll be wanting to download Linux, then, I guess :-p I recommend 
Mandrake Linux, but has a huge list of other flavours.

> Thanks,
> Matt
Don't take offense; your post *did* have a slightly, er, narky tone though!  
Anyway, I'm off to bed as the Misses is due to give birth R.S.N and we need 

hope that helps

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