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import flame.*
import sorry.*
Ok, with all my respect to python, the stuff about C++ is a bunch of hooey.
Compilation time is the problem? Give me a break.
1) separate compilation?
2) precompiled headers?
3) tools that allow cluster compilation?
4) ever read 'large-scale c++ development' by Lacos? a must for large c++
project. letter-envelope idiom to help compilation...etc.
Anyway, if you are coding so fast that compilation time becomes a serious
problem you are either
a) the smartest and fastest programmer on earth
b) are not thinking enough

c++ is great when execution speed and memory efficiency is a must. It is
hard to learn, but there are great benefits, and do you really want halfwits
(who can't learn it) involved on your project? It also (by design) makes
previous C programmers productive very fast. Empirically - just look at all
the C++ projects on SF!


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"Max M" <maxm at mxm.dk> wrote in message
news:3f03f430$0$97222$edfadb0f at dread12.news.tele.dk...
> There is a story today on Slashdot
> Open Source Project Management Lessons
> ======================================
> "Paul Baranowski takes a moment to reflect on Open Source Project
> Management in his blog. His reflections are based on the first two years
> of the Peek-a-booty project." Interesting comments on media coverage,
> choice of programming language, when to release a project, and more.
> In that article Paul Baranowski has a list of lessons. One being
> Engineering Lessons
> -------------------
>     1. C/C++ is no longer a viable development language
> He doesn't really say in the article what language should be used
> instead. But there is a link to another page:
> Which Language Do You Recommend?
> ================================
> http://peek-a-booty.org/Docs/WhichLanguageDoYouRecommend.htm
> And guess which language it is?
> regards Max M

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