anything new on the ternary operator?

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jul 7 05:00:39 CEST 2003

Bob Gailer wrote:
> Last I heard it was killed by Guido, which makes me wonder why we spent so
> much time discussing and voting. If he did not want it I wish he had killed
> it at the start. I thought the vote was to determine the best choice, and I
> was looking forward to having it.
> <grumble>Makes me wonder about the whole PEP process. Why bother! </grumble>

>From the PEP ( :

  This is the community's one chance: if this PEP is approved with a clear 
  majority, it will be implemented in Python 2.4.  ... If the community can't 
  decide, the BDFL will reject the PEP.

Also, reading PEP 1 "PEP Purpose and Guidelines", I see nothing in there to
suggest that the process was not followed, and lots of things that point out
that the BDFL's ruling is still the only thing that matters, in the end.
Those dissenting will be required to start their own fork of Python, then 
shot. ;-)

PEP 1 also answers your question about "why we spent so much time discussing 
and voting"...


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