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> What is python 2.1.1?

It's a programming language.

> How did it get on my computer?

Why do you think we have that information?

> Is it a necessary program?

Necessary for what?
Programming in Python? Definitely.

> Can I safely delete it/remove it?  If so how?

Just like any other windows program, via the control panel.

> I do not recall downloading it.  Does it come bundled with some
> other program? Maybe one of my kids did it.

May be; you *could* ask him/her/them.

> I do not see enough information on your site to make these
> determinations.

Just keep digging.

> I have a Compaq 5184 with OEM Win 98 installed...

You could try and upgrade to this "Linucks" thing...

> I do not ever recall seeing "python" in the programs.

Compaq didn't bundle Python with it's computers, if
that's what you're asking.

> I have been having alot of problems with my computer 
> lately and I am removing unecessary "junk".

Then, by all means, enter the control panel,
select "Add or Remove Programs", look for Python's
entry and double-click on it to remove it.

Another course of action is asking your kids about it;
you know, if you suspect they might have installed it,
it's normal practice to ask the probable culprits.

If you're not a programmer and have no intention of
ever becoming one, you probably won't be much interested
in Python.

> Thanks,
> Matt

You're welcome.

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