pySNMP: SNMPget example

WIWA wim_wauters at
Thu Jul 10 13:56:27 CEST 2003

I have recently installed pySNMP 3.3.2 and use Python 2.2.2. Thanks to
Peter Hansen, I succeeded to install pySNMP properly. I'm not
completely new to SNMP (I know the basics), but I'm new to Python and
pysnmp. While experimenting, I find some strange things. When using

1) I can type: 'import pysnmp' or 'from pysnmp import *'

2) when using: 'from pysnmp import role' (found on
.net/examples/2.x/snmpget.html), I get the message 'ImportError:
import name role'. The same applies for 'from pysnmp import session'
or 'from pysnmp import v1' , but 'from pysnmp import proto' seems to

3) A general question: how can I get a list of what I can type after
the 'from
pysnmp import ...'

4) How can I use: 'from snmpget import snmpget'. It does not accept

5) Anyone has a simple example for the following application: I have a
modem (which has an SNMP agent inside). I want to make a script where
I can
do SNMPgets (and later SNMPSet and SNMPwalk). 

6) Where can I find a simple description on how to use 'snmpget'. I
cannot find
anything. I would like to write sth like snmpget(IP, OID)

7) What is the difference between snmpget and getrequest in pysnmp? 

Any input is appreciated...

Thanks in advance,


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