Thank you developers for 2.3

David Lees abcdebl2nonspammy at
Thu Jul 31 05:40:06 CEST 2003

Added initialization to a long and printout of both time and result.
Looks like faith was justified, but good point Raymond.

David Lees
import time

def speedTest(N):
     t1 = time.time()
     k = 0L
     for i in xrange(N):
         for j in xrange(N):
             k += (i+j)

     t2 = time.time()
     return t2-t1,k

print speedTest(3000)
Python 2.3
 >>> (5.406999945640564, 26991000000L)

Python 2.2.3
 >>> (10.465000033378601, 26991000000L)

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