ANN: mailbox_reader 1.0.3 -- Python module to read UNIX mailboxes sequentially.

Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz gradha at
Sun Jul 27 00:25:56 CEST 2003


    Better documentation. New Parse_error exception raised when
    the opened file is not a unix mailbox. Now reading past the
    end of the archive keeps returning None instead of raising


    The module provides two classes: Mailbox, a file-like object
    which allows you to iterate through the contents of a mailbox,
    and Email, an object which holds the individual emails returned
    by Mailbox. Mailbox inherits from Mailbox_base, but usually you
    don't need to even know about this class. Mailbox_base implements
    the file like mailbox reading part of the class, and the Email
    object creation. Use the Mailbox class in your code, which will
    always maintain the same API for backwards compatibility.
    This module has been written with simplicity in mind, and low
    memory consumption. Unless you do something bad, I estimate
    maximum memory consumption as twice the memory required by
    the largest email of the opened mailbox. But I'm guessing,
    maybe it is lower, like one time your biggest email.

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