socket problem

Gordon Wetzstein gordons_lists at
Sat Jul 12 01:05:27 CEST 2003

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with python sockets.
I broadcast a lot of pickled objects with socket. sendto(...), that works.
Ireceive them on the other site with socket.recvfrom(16384)
The pickled objects are smaller (like 10000 bytes) than the max bytes.

The problem appears if I send too many pickled objects very quickly one
after another, 
then I only receive a part of the sent objects.
I print them before I send them, they are there but they never reach the
When I do a time.sleep(0.1) (but not lesser than 0.1) after socket.send()
all is good but it's too slow!

Does anyone know what the problem is? And maybe a solution!

thanks gordon

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