RTS/CTS and DTR/DTS control

Mike Mike at kordik.net
Sat Jul 5 05:41:12 CEST 2003

WOW! Thanks!

I do not exactly remember the timing either but I did it in Java so the
timing can't be too tight. I got the X10 stuff last year and started to
play with it in Java. I got busy with other things... well you know how it
goes. Just this year I started using Linux and am looking
for something fun, but useful, to do in Linux. I thought Python would be
interesting to learn.

I will look up the site you gave me.

Again, thanks for the posts. You have been most helpful!

I noticed that there are some X10 stuff already out there but I thought it
would be fun to make my own. :-)


On Fri, 04 Jul 2003 23:32:46 -0400, Peter Hansen wrote:

> Peter Hansen wrote:
>> A quick search again with Google using TIOCMSET and TIOCM_CTS and a
>> bunch of others finally led to this, which might be the best yet, and
>> includes some constant definitions that might let you get something
>> working, if this doesn't directly solve your problem:
>> http://sparc.dnsalias.net/Python_stuff/PosixSerial.py
> Look at the main site... you might find something else of interest
> there. <wink>
> -Peter

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