Image Streaming

Ian Bicking ianb at
Tue Jul 8 10:23:36 CEST 2003

On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 02:26, Steffen Brodowski wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> since one week, I'm programming with python. Its a realy interesting
> tool. I wrote a script for generating barcodes in jpg-format.
> Everything is ok, but my function "CreateBarcode" should write the jpg
> data into an outstream. All barcodes will be generate online, without
> saving the jpgs on harddisk.
> Can you give me a tip witch objects I need and how to put the jpg into
> an outgoing stream?
> import Image, ImageDraw
> def CreateBarcode(SourceString,Linewidth,WriteText):
>     blablabla
>     ...
>     NewImage ="L",NewSize,Backcolor)
>     ImgDraw = ImageDraw.Draw(NewImage)
>     ....
>     #How to put the image into an stream?

have that function return the image object.  Then, assuming you are
doing this in CGI (easily adapted if not), do something like (untested):

import sys
image = CreateBarCode(...)
print 'Content-type: image/jpeg\n', 'JPEG')


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