Name-based insults, round 5 (was Re: A possible bug in python threading/time module?)

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Sat Jul 5 23:21:52 CEST 2003

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Peter Hansen  <peter at> wrote:
>vm_usenet wrote:
>> Right after I read Tim's recent post, I went to the python CVS and
>> noted that Tim refered to me as an 'anonymous coward'. Well Tim, I
>> just wanted to say that I appreciate you being part of the community,
>> too.
>See, definition #2.  This
>is a fairly well-known term for someone who, like you, for some 
>strange reason does not want to use their name in discourse with 
>others (such as those who are helping them, hint, hint) online.

(We've just been through this recently, but...) I don't think that the
prevalence of a term says anything about its potential for insult.  I'm
sure you can think of many examples on your own.
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