Collective memory

Tim Shoppa shoppa at
Tue Jul 8 16:02:56 CEST 2003

Donald 'Paddy' McCarthy <paddy3118 at netscape.netNOTthisBIT> wrote in message news:<3F082031.3010503 at netscape.netNOTthisBIT>...
> Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> > The problem with Python is that its use of indentation is not the same
> > as COBOL or FORTRAN.  Apples and Oranges.

And it's not the same as Makefiles, either.  Everybody has at one time
been bitten by how 8 spaces is not at all the same in a Makefile as
one tab; and it doesn't help that with many editing/viewing tools that it
is impossible to see the difference.

> > Python uses it for actually determining the logic in your program, which
> > IMHO is dangerous.

Again, it is certainly no use than Makefiles.

> Well, no matter WHAT the language, I find tabs are evil little things 
> that introduce special cases and the need for code to handle them.

Compare that to all the punctuation marks that *some* other languages require.
Remember the Dilbert where PHB complains that his programmers are using
way too many semicolons? :-)


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