ANN: PyKota v1.12 is released

Jerome Alet alet at
Sat Jul 5 15:12:50 CEST 2003

Hi there,

I'm pleased to announce that PyKota v1.12 is out.

PyKota is an entirely Python written, GNU GPLed, centralized, full
featured, internationalized, and easily extensible, print quota and
accounting solution for CUPS and LPRng under Unix like systems like
GNU/Linux. It can store print quotas information either in PostgreSQL or
in OpenLDAP, and includes many other useful features.

Changes since version 1.09 :

	- Many bug fixes. You'll definitely want to upgrade.

	- A command line utility called 'pykotme' which produces 
          print quotes is now included. This way one can learn 
          in advance how much a print job will cost him on any printer.

Learn more about PyKota, see live reports or screenshots, download the CVS
version or buy an official package from :

Discuss with us, ask for help, report problems or successes, on the
mailing list at :

Thank you for reading

Jerome Alet

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