A few beginning questions

Michele Simionato mis6 at pitt.edu
Mon Jul 14 19:30:25 CEST 2003

"richardc" <richardc at hmgcc.gov.uk> wrote in message news:<3f129a8a$1 at mail.hmgcc.gov.uk>...
> Ive just started playing with Python and have a couple of questions.
> Im looking for an agument parsing library (from the command line), Ive come
> across optik and argtools.  What other ones are there are any of them any
> good, is there a 'standard' lib for doing this.

optparse (a.k.a. optik) is great, whereas I never made my mind up to
getopt. To "cure" getopt, I needed to define my own routines for
argument parsing; after I started using optparse I had the satisfaction
of erasing all of them ;)

I vote optparse as the best addition to Python 2.3!

(okay, well, there are other niceties, but maybe optparse is the
most useful thing; who does agreee with me ?)


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