When is unit-testing bad? [was: Re: does lack of type...]

Richard Brodie R.Brodie at rl.ac.uk
Wed Jul 2 15:58:48 CEST 2003

"Aurélien Géron" <ageron at HOHOHOHOvideotron.ca> wrote in message
news:bdunoh$1pms$1 at biggoron.nerim.net...

> The same goes for GUIs.  I'd be interested to know about projects where
> they automate unit tests for GUIs, but I suspect it would be just as
> cumbersome.

I don't think one would necessary need to automate the GUI itself.
A lot of applications seem to have poor separation of the GUI, something
that the developers of GUI frameworks seem to encourage (not necessarily
as part of their evil plan). If the end result of designing a GUI application for
testing was that it was both easy to script and to port to another toolkit, as a
side effect, than I can see the possible benefit.

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