Python in Excel

Tom Locke tom at
Fri Jul 4 02:02:05 CEST 2003

> >Can I write Excel macros/scripts using Python?
> >
> >I mean to actually put Python into an Excel document, not using
> >Python to access data, for example, from some Excel document.

These days you can script office with any .NET language, and that includes

At one point I know this implementation was horribyl slow - I'm not sure
where they're at now.

If you want to actually embed the script inside the spreadsheet, I believe
that is only possible in Office 2003 - currently in beta. Right now you can
write a standalone program that can launch and then control Excel. You can
do much more than just access the data - you can do anything that you can do
with VB. The only thing missing is embedding the .NET code in the document.


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