gridcontrols and list of lists

Brent Turner brent.turner at
Tue Jul 29 18:28:20 CEST 2003

It seems that in my code I am often using a grid concept (rectangular
list of lists).  To access columns of data I am transposing the "grid"
and then indexing/deleting/adding rows(which used to be columns) and
then transposing the results back.  It seems to me that with the
abundance of grid controls in applications (and the fact that
databases return recordsets/datasets) that many people are doing the
same or similar sort of thing.  I am wondering if there is a gridData
that someone has designed which is fast and has the functionality of a
grid control.  I want the speed and ease of use of a grid control, but
non-gui.  Is there anything that anyone has already designed that
attempts to do some of these things? If not, then maybe this is
something I should attempt...

Also, I know Numeric can create arrays of PyObjects, but I am looking
a data_structure where rows or columns can be searched/deleted/added


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