Any Software can Python <-> Delphi ?

Brad Clements bkc at
Tue Jul 29 16:58:00 CEST 2003

"Thomas Heller" <theller at> wrote in message
news:adaxg6gy.fsf at
> achrist at writes:

> You could write a small, fake module importing the stuff that the
> library needs.  If you then run py2exe with the -k (--keep-temp) option,
> it doesn't delete its own build tree. You will find there a
> file, containing all the modules needed (plus a few scripts which you
> can ignore). If you use Python 2.3, just add the zip-file's name to
> sys.path, and you are done.

That's what I need too, thanks for posting this info.

I have an DLL that embeds and extends Python23.dll, but I want to package up
all the "standard python .py" as .pyo files in a zip and I'm looking for an
easy way to resolve imports. This looks like it will get me most of the way

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