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Fri Jul 11 01:50:16 CEST 2003

"Tony Steward" <tsteward at> wrote in message news:<3f0d2cb9$1 at>...
> Hello All,
> Ok i've decided to try Python can anyone point me at a simple demo of a
> windows program operating a database (maybe an address book) so I can see
> how it is done.

Hi Tony,

(From Euphoria fame???)

Your question is a good one but the answer probably isn't the one you want to

First there are many GUI libraries available and many database access 
techniques and libraries available.  I suggest you research each seperately.

For GUI the main ones seem to be Tkinter (comes with Python by default), 
wxPython (at and PyQT (requires money for commercial use).

Everyone has their personal choice - I like wxPython.

Pretty well every DB available has a Python lib available to access them.
Most use the DB-API specs available at:

I persoanlly like pySQLite for the small single user projects.
Firebird, MySQL and Postrges(*nix only at this time) all seem like fine 
choices when more power is required. 

Searching the news group will find many many discussions in the past about
which GUI or DB library is best for different projects / people.
I search using google:

"If" your just learning Python I'd also suggest you look at some basic 
programming techniques before trying to write a full blown application.
I found "How to think like a computer scientiest with Python" as a good
freely downloadable book.

To compare Python to Euphoria (assuming your the Tony i think you are!!) ...
I found Python a little more difficult to get to grips with as there are many
more options available, the biggest hurdle probably is deciding on which GUI
you will use, and then which DB you will use.

Let me know how you go.


Ray Smith

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