(Eclipse/TruStudio) Re: I am so impressed

deelan ggg at zzz.it
Fri Jul 25 12:46:11 CEST 2003

Guyon Morée wrote:

> I've been looking for a nice python editor for a while. I was using a great
> general purpose editor called EditPlus. It did the job pretty good....
> I've now downloaded Eclipse with the TruStudio plug-ins from www.xored.com
> and it's great!
after your suggestion i've downloaded both eclispe and trustudio.
eclipse starts flawlessy but i cannot see any trace of trustudio
python extensions. BTW eclipse runs smoothly on my office P4 1.4GHz, 512MB.

there's should be some reference to python support
in the IDE, right? something lile "new file --> python",
or "new project --> python project", actually i only see
java related stuff.

following the website instructions i've just unzipped trustudio zip 
files (2) into eclipse folder (they actually installs under "plug-ins" 
folder). i've restarted eclipse a couple of times, but nothing

any thoughts?


goldicus1970 AT yahoo.it

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