Python2.3 and MySQLdb on Windows

Gerhard Häring gh at
Thu Jul 31 10:57:57 CEST 2003

Mike M wrote:
> Python2.3 and MySQLdb don't seem to work together on Windows.  If I
> understand the error message correctly, the problem seems to be that the
> _mysql binary expects version 2.2 of the Python dll. 

Python extension modules with different minor versions are incompatible 
on Windows. Trying to cheat by copying files around won't change that ;-)

> Does anyone know of a
> fix for this, or when a Windows version that works with 2.3 will be
> available?

The more interesting question is when MySQL AB will make their so-called 
Free Software be able to be compiled with free compilers like mingw. You 
still need Microsoft Visual Studio to build MySQldb on Windows.

Anyway, as usual I've made the binaries and sent them to Andy Dustman. 
They should show up during the next days at the Sourceforge download page.

-- Gerhard

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