ANN: mailbox_date_trimmer 1.0.1 -- Correct emails' date headers in a mailbox archive.

Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz gradha at
Sat Jul 26 12:15:06 CEST 2003


   Improved documentation. Removed stdin pipe detection hack. Many
   small date parsing errors found and fixed after running the
   program over 500 MB of mailing list archives.

Scenario description

   You are a mailing list administrator, or you are somebody who
   keeps mailing list archives for a user group, or you just have
   a fetish for email archives. Now, don't you always wonder why
   after running Hypermail or MHonArc on your archives you always
   have some emails which date back to 1980 or far away in the
   future like 2011, even though you started collecting emails in
   the year 2000 and it's still this very same year? While there
   are many answers to this question, there is a very easy way to
   fix many, if not all, of these messages, which results in a much
   more consistent email archive without broken discussion threads.

Software requisites

   This software requires Python ( It is
   known to work with versions 1.5.2 or 2.2.3. You also need my
   mailbox_reader module, which you should be able to get from:




 Please don't send me private copies of your public answers. Thanks.

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