OT, was: Re: needs a logo

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Fri Jul 25 01:17:02 CEST 2003

Alan Gauld wrote:
> This is way OT but...
> On 23 Jul 2003 02:44:05 -0700, xah at xahlee.org (Xah Lee) wrote:
> > Better logos should be reminiscent to what it represents. Good
> > example's are ... Shell's seashell,
> I remember my grandfather telling me that the Shell  logo
> originated around WW2 time and it represented a shell exploding
> (message => dynamic powerful company) on a building
> and was in two colors. After the war it was deemed
> a bad marketing image to use warlike logos so they
> "re-badged" the company as being around sea shells and
> the logo changed to what we know today.
> I've never seen any other reference to this anywhere.
> Does anyone know of a source (another grandfather?!)
> that can confirm or deny this?

Not exactly deny, but at a gallery/museum of design in Rotterdam, 
which I visited two months ago, there was an exhibit showing various
almost iconic products, including the Shell logo, complete with
history on their development, and no mention whatsoever was made
of this background.  Perhaps it was sanitized, but for what it's


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