Del's "except"ional PEP Rejection

Raymond Arthur St. Marie II of III rastm2 at aol.commorespam
Sun Jul 27 06:15:39 CEST 2003

Ladieees and Gentilmen and Pyth-O-neers of all ages.
	Step right up. 
	Don't be shy.
	Come one come all.
	Be the first on your block 
	       TO GROK 
	*THE* one *THE* only
        Exception you won't find 
		any where but here!
	The Exception that's Exceptional!

	It's the "elif from lamdba except" Exception.
	(The only Exception that don't 
		need an "except" clause, 
			Because it *IS* one.)

It's the story of Del, an intermitantly deaf,
intermitantly nauseated importation executive 
with Print Global Inc. 

Del's a company man, 
and the 150 year old, family owned
company needs someone
to lead them all into the 21'st Century.

Having over heard...

( It's amazing how some people who seem 
deaf at times can hear things 
from what 
was supposed to be a
closed door meeting between ) 

...the VP of Statis 
talking down to 
the 85 year old Chief of Data Processing ...

( History Note--that's what they
used to call them you know -- 
worked his way up from crank turner 
-- but I digress )
what was I saying    oh yeah 

Del over heard the VP telling the old guy,

"Hell, my 12 year kid stuck *some* kinda snake, 
wait it was a python, 
yeah he stuck a python in
an old Apple II 
that was in the attic a week ago
Sunday and started typeing like 
mad and by Thursday he was 
telling me that he had gone 
GLOBAL and wouldn't
need his allowance anymore. 

No it's time to upgrade.
Shut down the ENIAC."

Cut to the "ever butt kissing" Del, half deaf, sitting
in Python school. 
Well, sorta sitting 'cuz' Del's got
bowel problems and he needs another pass from the 
Instructor to go to the lav.

Sitting on the pot, like a splash,
a thought hits him.
( gosh I hope it was just a thought )

Ya see, Dan didn't just volenteer for this mission,
he was holding back from the company.
He new a litte "c" code. Just enough to be dangerous,
and it made him sick to his stomach.

But this Python Language!
He truely understood and liked what he was learing.

Python was indented so you could read it like 
a self respecting human being.

It was impressive to him, the way you could write your 
code in the interpreter, and did't have to declare 
anything or agonize while you waited to see if it worked.

He liked the way "elif" statements made case switches 
easier to code and understand. 

How "from" this "import" that made code re-usable.

How "lamda" could define a function in a function 
without having to define a function for a function.

How exceptions could be used to make programs that
worked the first time.

He loved the "while loops" and the list comprehensions 
that had little "for loops" and "if"s in them.

He like how any one on the planet,
with enough money to
maintain a computer and an internet connection,
could just be so very proud that they had their 
PEP rejected
by the most intelligent, helpful,
thoughtful, and kindest people on Earth.

Sitting right there on the throne of inspiration 
he came up with the only 
exception that uses all the keywords, 
types all in one color in the editor, 
and makes sense to only him, 
so he sent in a PEP to be rejected...

wait for it 

wait for it 

The elif from lambda except: statment 

elif from lambda except:
	while del is not def: 
		[import exec for print global]
		continue or 
		raise and return break pass in class 
		yeild if assert 


By Raymond St. Marie (Rastm2 at -- don't laugh,
it's been free since I lost my job in January)

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