A story about Python... sort of

Russell Reagan rreagan at attbi.com
Fri Jul 4 01:48:08 CEST 2003

"Dave Brueck" <dave at pythonapocrypha.com> wrote

> > I
> > mean, is Linux (or Windows) 'not a viable project'??
> Well, again, neither of those are "applications level" projects.

There is a rather large industry which I'll call "computer games" that is
rather CPU intensive, and AFAIK the vast majority of those games are written
in C/C++. It really depends on the definition of "application level". If
we're only including things like word processors and web browsers in the
"application level", then there isn't a great need for C++ in the
"application level", but there are certainly areas where speed and memory
efficiency is important.

I will admit that I'm getting tired of writing a lot of the support code,
debugging, etc., most of which Python provides for "free".

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