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>I've been using Python on both Windows 2000 and Linux for some time
>now. On Windows I've used PythonWin as editor, Emacs on Linux. This
>has been working ok so far. Now as Python will be a part of Mac OS X
>Panther will this affect Pythons support for platform-specific modules
>in a big way? I'm not a Mac-expert, but OS X is basically a Unix-clone
>as base with a Apple-GUI on top, right? So most *nix apps will compile
>and run nicely on that platform?  With Python as an integrated part of
>the system, I'd be seriously thinking about changing platform.
>Can anyone enlighten me as to what the current status is for Python
>on Mac, as for support, IDEs etc. ? Is Mac shaping up to be the best
>platform for Python development and python lovers in general, or is Mac
>just catching up to Linux?

That's tough to answer.  For starters, Python 2.2 is already part of
10.2, but it's somewhat crippled (no Tkinter, and missing the critical
bugfixes of 2.2.1 and 2.2.2).  Many Unix apps do compile easily, but
I've had trouble with a couple that aren't part of the Fink project (xli
and lrz/lsz).  There are binary installers available for the Mac (see
the download pages on

I've been using Python on a Mac for more than a year now, because I
decided to get an iBook as my laptop, but my primary system is still a
Linux box, and I'm happier with that.
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