needs a logo

Xah Lee xah at
Wed Jul 23 11:44:05 CEST 2003

it would be good if Bash and Python have a decent logo.

the current logos of simplistic font
are homely.

some quick tips for good logos:

Good logo is not something generic, even if it is beautifully
rendered. Example of bad or not very good logos with this problem:

 old gnu hurd logo of just a generic sphere

 Fresco Window system of triangles (

 bash of simplistic font

 python of simplistic font (

Better logos should be reminiscent to what it represents. Good
example's are SGI's computer rendered tube cube illusion, Sun Micro's
8Us that spells out Sun in 4 directions, Apple's bitten apple, Be
media company's eye-ear logo, NeXT's geometrical cube, X-Window's
sharp X, Redhat's redhat, GNU's gnu head, BSD's deamon tyke, MS
Windows's window, Perl's ugly camel, nVidia's eye, GNU Hurd OS'
recursive arrows, Shell's seashell, McDonnald's M, Taco Bell's bell,
Honda's H ...

Good logo should be distinct, an impression lock, even if it isn't
reminiscent of what it represents. For example, AT&T's death star
(globe connotation), Apache feather (Native American, panache),
Linux's penguine tux (connotes glut with food and sex), Qmail's arrow
distribution, Yamaha's tuning forks, General Electric's curlicue. Even
font alone can do very good if in distinctive style: IBM stripped
blue, coke drink's cursives, ATI's high-tech font, ebay and google's
colorful fonts.

Note that successful company's logo are not necessaily good. Examples
are: SONY, JVC, TOSHIBA, RCA, Microsoft. These are just unremarkable.

Good logo should not be overly complex. It shouldn't be photographic
or complex drawings, for examples.

Here's a related essay on the logo used by functional languages:



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