Python is a gem ,another successful day ....

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I'd be interested in knowing some of the arguments you used to win over VB,
as I've been asked to put a couple of articles together suggesting why VB
users might consider switching to Python.

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> Hi all  I previously made a post (
> Python is a gem, you need to keep pushing it ....)
> about how impressed I was with python and how im suign it in a proposed
> commercial app.
> Got a call on Friday a company with a very succesfull product in Visual
> Basic (Front End) SQL (Backend) wanted to move from Microsoft products due
> to all the problems with MDAC (ADO etc), XP networking issues .... and
> concerns with microsofts control ///
> Well after three hours looks like Python (and linux and mysql) may have
> again, explained perl (semantic nightmare but a great language) , ruby
> (great language but lack of libraries) etc, Vb's weaknesses and the need
> vendor neutrality anyway, as things move ill put some updates on here ...
> and tell you ho it goes, ....
> Hey, im trying very hard to promote it :-)
> Cheers

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