Python is a gem, you need to keep pushing it ....

John J. Lee jjl at
Fri Jul 4 17:30:38 CEST 2003

delphiro <delphiro at> writes:
> > For Windows GUI apps Delphi has a great screen-builder and a
> > collection of 3rd party component (many freeware) that puts
> > Tk/Swing/wxWindows/QT/GTK/everything else available to Python to
> > shame.
> Well, part of that is true.. you can drag and drop almost any
> possible component on a form and start working. This takes more time
> in Pyhton (in my case with wxPython) but I don't think Python should
> useful. Easy does it, though I must admit that the GUI part will
> develop faster with the Delphi IDE (rough guess, about 2-3 times in
> development speed).

Have you tried PyQt and Qt designer (with Qt 3)?

Interested to know how it compares to Delphi / Kylix.

Probably there are many fewer 3rd-party (commercial or otherwise) Qt
components than there are Delphi components.  Of course, Qt 3 itself
has a lot of stuff there already (including database stuff, a very
good table widget, and a good rich text widget).


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