anything new on the ternary operator?

Bob Gailer bgailer at
Mon Jul 7 01:19:19 CEST 2003

At 10:59 PM 7/6/2003 +0200, Tor wrote:

>What's the current status on the ternary operator that may or may not be
>added to python.  Haven't heard much about that since the vote was announced
>for a couple of months ago.  What's the best way to follow that dicussion?
>Or are we just waiting for the developers to make their decision?

Last I heard it was killed by Guido, which makes me wonder why we spent so 
much time discussing and voting. If he did not want it I wish he had killed 
it at the start. I thought the vote was to determine the best choice, and I 
was looking forward to having it.

<grumble>Makes me wonder about the whole PEP process. Why bother! </grumble>

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