COM interface to the Python interpreter

Paul Rudin paul_rudin at
Mon Jul 21 16:40:25 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Knoblauch <christian.knoblauch at> writes:

    > Hello all, under Win32 it is possible to use Python as a
    > scripting language inside ASP pages (win32lib package), so there
    > must be a COM interface to the Python interpreter.

    > I like to use this interface instead of writing my own COM
    > server to invoke Python scripts from COM aware languages,
    > unfortunately i can not find the type-library for this
    > interface.

I think there's a possible misconception floating around here... the
libary code to support the implementation of com servers in python is
not of itself a com server and hence has no type library.

    > Can one provide this information (perhaps with an litle example)
    > ?

There is code for a "hello world" com server in the win32com
documentation - see
<>. There
are a couple of other examples in site-packages/win32com/demos
(assuming you've installed the win32com stuff).

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