Server Push

John Bradbury john_bradbury at
Sun Jul 6 23:03:28 CEST 2003

I have used the Netscape examples and can not get them work.  I am using
Windows and have tried Omnicron and XITAMI servers.  What is frustraing me
is that I can achieve the desired result in Delphi by simply using :
request.writestring('progress line');

I was hoping to find similar functionality in Python.


"Irmen de Jong" <irmen at> wrote in message
news:3f05b7ab$0$49103$e4fe514c at
> John Bradbury wrote:
> > I want to send updates from a long running cgi.  I have tried copying
> > examples of server push and can not get them to work.
> > Does anyone have an idiot proof example of a working server push or
> > output in chunks in Python?
> Check out:
> There are basically two ways to do this. Either use the
> above mentioned "multipart response", which only seems to work on
> certain browsers (confirmed on netscape and mozilla, IE doesn't seem
> to work). The other method is just flushing your output and
> continue to write more data... but this won't allow you to
> 'clear the page' in the client's browser (multipart repsonses will).
> --Irmen

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