dcom client from non-windows python

Paul Rudin paul_rudin at scientia.com
Tue Jul 1 10:49:03 CEST 2003

This is mostly idle speculation from a position of considerable
ignorance :-)

In theory it should be possible to do client side dcom from
non-windows boxes. The existing python win32com stuff is only
distributed for windows.  The python wrappers could be generated from
a type library on a windows box; copied across to (e.g.) a linux box
and used to do write client side dcom python programs to talk to a
servers running on a windows box. I wonder how much of the current
dcom client code depends on the presence of windows? Does this sound
like a big job getting this kind of thing to work? Or should it be
fairly easy to modify the existing com client stuff for this purpose?
Maybe somebody has already done this (although I could find anything
with a quick google)?

(I thought I'd already posted something similar this, but various
newsservers disagree so I post again. Apologies if it turns out to be
a repeat.)

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