Stop Python from exiting upon error in Windows

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Tue Jul 15 04:28:56 CEST 2003

Can you nest exceptions? I already have a few legitimate try/except blocks
where I know there's a chance the act could go bad, do I just stick a try:
at the beginning of the whole body of code and an except: at the end?

- Robert

"Tom Plunket" <tomas at> wrote in message
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> Robert wrote:
> > How can I stop the Python interpreter from exiting when an error occurs?
> create a batchfile, tell Windows that the association of Python
> files is to that batch file, and put this in the file:
> python.exe %1
> pause
> Or- catch the error in your mainline, and do a sys.raw_input()
> call on exception.
> -tom!

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